What Makes Delirium Different?

Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Are DifferentWhat Makes DCG Different?

What Makes DCG Different?

About us:  Eventually the conversation will shift onto us and how we can help – What Makes Us Different?:

  • Be fluent with the Services overview to discuss our services at a high level.
    • We will have a Services overview, Offer to send that along as a recap as well.
  • After having listened to their issues, restate them and point out how we can help to eliminate some of those pains online through a more effective digital marketing strategy and or website design.  
  • Talk about how we are different from a “Typical Web Vendor.”  Many website designers don’t have the first clue about marketing, identifying and targeting customers etc.  This is where we stand apart.  If they “just get a website” what is that doing for them beyond the function of an online brochure?
    Typical Website Vendor
    • No marketing background
    • Simply regurgitates your information into a digital format, providing no real insight or value.
    • Static Solutions that are not Dynamic in nature.  

We are Your Strategic Digital Partner.

We use a Strategic Approach to projects which is very different from Template based Web Design.  Our process helps to ensure we understand the needs of your audience before worrying about a web build.

We offer an entire market team at your disposal

We are able to offer client agency level skills without the need to maintain that team in house.  Simply put we are a group of specialists that no single person could hope to match.  We bring a variety of mediums to the table.  

    • Creative Direction
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Market Research 
    • Copy Writing
    • Graphic Design
    • Content Specialists
    • SEO Specialists
    • Web Design
    • Web Developers
    • App Developers
    • Project Managers

Clients do not have a ton of time, nor the skills to effectively market their companies alone. As we pull from our pool of skilled talent they get the best parts of a full Marketing Department at a fraction of the cost.