Sales Qualifier Form

  • Sales Lead Gen Answers
  • #1 Does this company appear to make $1Mil + in yearly sales?

    This is hard to gauge so you need to look for clues through the site.  Do they appear to have a large team?  Do you see evidence of a thriving company?

    • 1 = Less than $1Mil in sales which means low budget
    • 2 = $1Mil + in Yearly Sales
    • 3 = Several $Mil + in Yearly Sales 
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  • #2 Does this company have any Brick & Mortar Locations?

    Having a physical location is a possible sign of an established business.  Multiple locations would be an even bigger indication of success.

    • 1 = No Brick and Mortar Locations
    • 2 = 1 Location in the real world
    • 3 = Multiple Locations in several areas 
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  • #3 Does this company appear to have a decent amount of team members / employees?

    Look to see if you can find several people on the contact page, or other indications of a team set up.  The larger the team the more likely they are to have a larger budget / need for a better site.

    • 1 = 1 – 2 person show
    • 2 = 3 – 9 people
    • 3 = 10+ people clearly visible in the organization 
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  • #4 Does this company appear to have some sort of existing marketing team?

    Seeing fresh content on the site, an active blog or news page, and a more put together social presence would all be indicators that they have some sort of marketing in place.

    • 1 = They appear to have an in house marketing team
    • 2 = They appear to have no in house team, but possibly are working with a marketing firm
    • 3 = They appear not to understand what marketing is and have no one. 
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  • #5 Does this company look like a good fit for our team? Easy to work with or fun?

    We want clients who appear to be fun and easy to work with.  Companies that appear to have a “Good Attitude” are ideal for us.  We don’t want to work with boring people, or people who are hard to get ahold of.

    • 1 = These people are uptight and boring
    • 2 = These people are professional but still now how to have fun
    • 3 = These people appear to care more about play than work 
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  • #6 Does this company appear to have a single decision maker or a group?

    A single owner versus a board of directors is a good example of what we are looking at here.  Typically it's better for us to have a single person making the decision as it tends to save time.

    • 1 = Any decision will likely have to go through many hands to get approved
    • 2 = There is a single decision maker for a project
    • 3 = There is a small amount of people, 2-4 that would be involved in a decision
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  • #7 Does this company look like one that will value us?  Treat us as a partner NOT a vendor.

    We don’t want to be seen as a Vendor, but a partner.  This is a tricky one to gauge at first glance.  If the appear to focus more on cost than value, thats a red flag here.

    • 1 = These guys come across as cheap and only focused on “how much will it cost me Mr. Vendor?”
    • 2 = These guys value their money, but can see that results take time and money to achieve
    • 3 = These guys are willing to take our expertise as the authority and look to an experienced team to help make the right decision
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  • #8 Does this company look eager to grow?

    Do they appear to seem eager.  Do you see things on their site that indicate they are willing to do the work it takes to expand?

    • 1 = This company is comfortable with their client base and sees no need to expand
    • 2 = This company would like to grow but is unsure how to proceed
    • 3 = This company tries to many things, and can’t keep a focus on ‘the main thing’
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  • #9 Does this company look like they are willing to embrace change?

    We have run into companies who are “Stuck in their ways” and not a good fit.  We want them to be eager to embrace what we do, so if they don’t appear willing to deal with change, they won't be a good fit.

    • 1 = This company has clearly not progressed in the last 10-20 years
    • 2 = This company is open to new ideas that will help them succeed in their market space
    • 3 = This company is constantly trying new things and making updates.  Might be good, might be bad, but they will try and check after!
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Answer Total Key

#1 = 9 – 12 = Good Web Presence : Good

#1 = These guys are doing it right and clearly have a functional website.

#2 = 13-21 = Sweet Spot : Best

#2 = These guys have taken some steps but there is clearly more they could be doing.

#3 = 22+ = Bad Website : Better

#3 = These guys are doing just about everything they could be doing wrong on the web.