Gatekeeper Call / Sample Script

This area covers the many scenarios you may encounter on your initial phone call with a potential client.  Please use it in collaboration with the document containing “Qualifying Questions” as a Guide and preparation before you make the call.  This is not a Script, it is a suggestion on and guide for how to deal with the Gatekeepers.  Before you make your first call, this guide and the accompanying Qualifying Questions and Objections document and should be read many times until you are extremely comfortable with them, and can come up with a qualifying question at a moment’s notice.


NOTE: In all likelihood you are not going to know the name of the Prospect, or the person who makes the decisions and signs the checks.  These people employ others to act as a filter and buffer zone to unwanted solicitation.  Getting the contact info for the Prospect is no exact science, but a theory rather of how to glean the proper contact person from the Gatekeeper.

  • Friendship and commonality.  Try to learn the gatekeeper’s name, gather what intel you can about them as a person.  This makes it harder for that person to resist you when it comes time to give up the next person.  If they “know you” it gets easier to get past them.
  • Don’t hurry.  Don’t try to use pressure.  If anything a call back with the foreknowledge of the Gatekeeper’s name is going to be more effective.  “Hi is Suzie there?  Oh hi Suzie, this is [Your Name], we spoke the other day.  I was wondering if you could help direct me to the right person.  I would like to get in touch with the person in charge of your website and marketing endeavors, who do you think I should talk to?”  – rather than “hi I am a generic person with a generic pitch, may I please speak to your Marketing Director?”
  • Other options.  Every scenario is different.  Thinking outside the box can help a lot here.
  • Acquire Intel.  You should look at the Gatekeeper as a potential wealth of information if you can get to it.  Building a relationship is usually the best way.  Play dumb and ask questions to get them talking.  Earn a little sympathy with remarks like “I’m sorry but I don’t know who to go to.”
  • By Any Means Necessary…   Sometimes companies can make it hard to get in.  Sometimes a ghost call one day to get a name or information, and then a follow up with the real call a day or two later is better.
  • In the end, the straight question all this adds up to is “I am trying to get in touch with someone in your marketing department, ideally the person in charge or your owner would be best.” Getting someone in the department could be the very person you see you talking to someone who might feel threatened by our presence and try to bury us before we get to the right person.   The head of Marketing and the Owner have vested interested in the success of the company, and that is what we help with and therefore those are the types of people you need to reach.

Sample GateKeeper Call

1. [Bob Smith]’s Office

a. [Bob Smith] please…

2. Who may I say is calling?

a. This is [MY NAME]. I’m with Delirium Creative Group.
b. [Bob] is still the CMO right? [Qualifying Question]

3. What is this regarding?

a. I am looking to get on [Bob]’s calendar for a brief introductory call.
b. Are you able to route me through to him?
c. Are you responsible for scheduling appointments on his calendar?

4. What does your company do?

a. We are in the business of getting people to notice you and growing your audience.  Specifically, we do this through web design and marketing
b. Are you familiar with DELIRIUM CREATIVE GROUP?

Routed to Voice Mail

NOTE: Ideally you call back to get in touch with a person. However if you have to leave a voicemail, here is an idea of how that could go.

Voice Mail: Hello [Bob], this is [MY NAME] and I’m with Delirium Creative Group…. The purpose of my call today is I am looking to schedule a 10 minute introductory conversation sometime early next week to formally introduce myself and Delirium Creative as well as learn a bit more about THEIR COMPANY. I’m sorry I missed you but will continue to try and reach you until we are able to connect. In the meantime, if you have spare minute you can reach me on [xxx-xxx-xxxx].