Hunting Instructions

When hunting for new leads, we need to review and evaluate the company online first. To start this, we have a list of questions we want the Lead Generator to ask themselves as they review the companies websites. The idea here is to look them over and see if they are ripe for a redesign or marketing help. If they doing really bad online, they may not have the budget to warrant our attention. If they appear really slick and put together, then its possible they do not need help or already have some.

Download Lead Gen Template

1. Collect A Search Term & Location From DCG

a. Download a clean Lead Gen Template to fill out.
b. Cities or Noteworthy Suburbs

2. Search that combination in Google.

3. Comb the top results:

a. Below the first half of page 1 through page 4 (about 35 sites).

b. Make Note of any organizations or groups that appear to help direct people to lists of this sort of business. Directories, Professional Organizations, Non-Profit resources, Business Finders, etc.

c. Highlight them in the spreadsheet.

d. These Directory sites should be combed next.

e. Jot Down ‚ÄúSearches Related to {this term}” at the bottom of Google Page 1 as these will provide additional terms in this industry for you to use.

f. Do not evaluate sites which do not appear to be businesses such as news sites or blogs, unless those appear to have more leads on them.

4. From that search and any sources located via directory sites, you need to evaluate between 12-16 sites an hour and build data for the Sales Team, using the Lead Gen Qualifier Form.

5. Simply enter the data on the Qualifier Form for the sales team. Highlight them Yellow in the Excel Sheet when you have completed them in the form.

6. Include any notes that you think are important about the site in the form.

7. Once you have completed the spreadsheet by entering them all into the Qualifier Form, please email your spreadsheet to Delirium for Archiving and Review. Send to and list the subject line as the Search Term you used.

8. If you uncovered any directories when searching, please note this in the email you send.

9. Once you have combed a term + city and all the various additional Directories you found during your search, contact DCG for the next set of terms + cities.

Download Lead Gen Template