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Social Media is a powerful asset for most businesses. Avoid common mistakes that will reduce its effectiveness by working with a team of professionals.

Social Media sites have grown into one of the primary uses for the Internet today. Many businesses have started to use Social Media presence to help improve their online success. As with any tool, when not used properly, the results will not be as impressive. Simply having a presence on social media is not really enough, though it is a good start. Leveraging Social networks can end up being little more than a time drain with minimal impact when used correctly. Let us show you how to use your social presence in a way that is will turn it into an effective business tool.

Consider social engagement to improve your online presence

What is Social Media and Why Should We Consider It?

Simply put, any Social Media Network is a way for people with common interests to connect online, via a Social Media Website. The most widely known are sites like Facebook or Twitter, but there are niche networks popping up for many different activities and interests all the time. It is important to do some research on your target audience and learn where they hang out on the web. Having a great message on the wrong network is a waste of your time and dollars. On the other hand, when you know where your audience is going online, you can position yourself in front of the right people, and get a much better return on your investment of time and effort.

What is the true goal of an effective social media presence?

The goals of businesses trying to utilize Social Media are very different than that of the common person. Expecting solid results from your social media by simply having anyone who knows their way around Facebook, for example, run your Social Presence will simply not be as effective as trusting a professional. It is important to have a background in marketing and design to get the most out of the Internet.

It is important to have a clear strategy and goals for using a Social Network successfully. Otherwise you might be wasting your time and spinning your wheels with little effect. At the end of the day the goal of your social media presence should be to drive both awareness of your brand, and clicks to your website. You don’t make any money from more Facebook likes…. You should be trying to convert a social view into someone who is on your website. Social media links have the added bonus of helping your SEO by showing search engines that you are obtaining traffic from a variety of channels.

Eye-Catching Design & Current Topics are key!

It is a fact that an image is more likely to be clicked than a purely text based post. Likewise videos get more attention than images. It is important to publish eye-catching content, which is more likely to attract the attention of a busy user who is skimming their top posts, while on their break for example. If something stands out, it is more likely to get noticed. Solid imagery is also a way to promote your branding while delivering information. With that in mind, you will want to develop a standard template for posts that always feature your logo, URL and color scheme.

Tapping into current hot topics of discussion is a great way to attract attention. If something happens in your industry or company, your goal should be to talk about it on your social network. If there is an opportunity provided by current events in the news, social media can provide you with an excellent opportunity to be the place people go to see and discuss things. Posts around holidays and national events are also a great way to help show your audience you are staying current as well.

Coordinate Social Media for Maximum Impact

Social Media should be considered as one tactic in a larger strategy. We coordinate important Social Media messaging to tie in with your over-arching marketing strategy to ensure success. When leveraged as an additional channel to get the word out to your audience, Social Media can help improve the overall success of your Marketing Campaigns. We use a coordinated approach to help tie social media, email marketing and other efforts together to drive as much traffic as possible to your site to view your message or products.

Use a coordinated effort amongst many marketing channels to see the most impact!

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