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Craft your brand message, target and engage your audience with content strategy and copywriting.

  • Create content that leads to customer action
  • Strong content is the foundation to successful marketing
  • Engaging copywriting will lead to more conversions
  • Solid copywriting to perform in the digital age
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How do you expand your online presence?  How does marketing and advertising become successful for you?

In the digital age, do you know what drives people to navigate to you? Solid copywriting with a focus on what it takes to perform in the digital age is key to your company’s success online.  Marketing with a focus on best practices for the web will help you get in front of more people.  Combine that with Advertising announcements about your services or products across the best possible channels, and you have a recipe for building trust and a relationship with your audience.

Modern consumers are very discerning and savvier with every click.  They don’t want obviously biased information to make a decision.  Serious consideration into your Content Strategy is integral to your online presence.  Effective Copywriting with a focus on digital best practices can go a long way.  This can mean attention to photos, posting links to authorities in your space, or simply engaging a visitor on your blog.  Good content gives you the opportunity to connect with your ideal audience at their level.

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Tools for Success in a Digital Content Strategy

The Internet has opened up more channels to communicate with your audience than you could possibly hope for.  So how do you use this amazing tool properly?  Poor content strategy can lead to costly mistakes and a bad reputation in your market, two things no business can afford.  Your company needs a consistent voice and clear message, but that doesn’t mean it will be heard the same way across a multi-channel marketing plan. 

Popular Lead Channels Earn You Trust: With so many companies on the web, its not always easy to build trust in today’s online user.  It takes time and effort to produce something worthwhile that will resonate with your audience.  Clever teasers on social media posts, enticing offers sent via email, valuable content to share with others and links from established sites all add up to your online success.  The more ways people get to your site, the healthier you are online.  The more places people can gain access to you the better.  A great message that no one is aware of will be lost in the digital wind.

Web-Friendly, Professional Copywriting: You love to talk about your company, products or message… but are you doing so in the best way online?  In addition to your company voice, does your message take into account best practices for writing with Search Engines in mind?  Your content needs to be relative to your industry and your audience.  Valuable information that solves problems will always be better received than a “sales pitch.”  Don’t turn your audience off with the common tactics that make online consumers leery of many companies.  Don’t simply explain what your products do or how your services work.  Instead take the time to explain the finer points of how you can help someone and why they should choose you.

High-Value, Influential Landing Pages: Links, Blog Posts, Social Media Messages and Email Blasts are all components that will draw attention to your message. What then? Take the time to educate your audience about the value you provide, and they will take notice.

Landing pages are where this magic happens, and without good ones, all the advertising in the world can fail to get results. A Landing page is just what the name sounds like, where a visitor lands on your site. These are High Value pages that are geared towards getting people deeper into your sales funnel. These pages should be driven by conversion, whatever your goal may be. These pages are what people choose to click on, and they say a lot about your business. They need a compelling call-to-action, and they need to intrigue your visitor into taking the next step in your process, whatever that may be.

The keywords your audience used to find these pages are crucial, and they need to be reflected on these pages. Those words are what got you noticed, and people will expect to get the additional information they have clicked through to review. Don’t disappoint them or you could lose the sale, contact, or lead.

These pages are magnets, and should be clear and concise. They need a succinct, well-thought-out message with interest-catching headlines and detailed descriptions. Ideally your well-thought-out copy is accompanied by pictures, infographics, even video, all designed to support your message and build trust in your viewer.

These pages should not simply be loaded with keywords! Modern search engines can see right through these out dated tactics. Instead the important words need to be worked into the page and appear naturally. Trying to cram too much in will appear spammy and unwelcome by your audience, and you run the risk of muddying your message to the search engines which drive people to the right pages.

All information and imagery on your site is considered content, but an effective Content Strategy combined with modern Copywriting tactics will help ensure better results in organic searches by your target market. Offer up valuable information, and you will encourage your audience to stay on your site and learn more.

H.I.T.S. – How Idiots Track Success

A common, misguided goal in online marketing is to simply focus on hits to your site. What good is a click if it’s the wrong person and you have missed your mark? This is a great way to waste time and money on advertising. Sadly you have likely seen schemes like “Stay at home mom makes $1,000 a week!” Companies who are simply looking to show you false success by driving a ton of useless uninterested traffic use many of these schemes. If the person hitting your site is the wrong audience, or a scheme to show you more traffic, is that something you want to pay for?

Do you know how long a visitor stays on your landing pages? Poor content can result in higher bounce rates than pages crafted with a clear strategy and goal in mind. Do you know how many pages people look at on your site? How long does your audience navigate your site? These bits of information are the true measure of success for a business online in the modern web, not simply how many people hit your site.

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