Business Discovery, Analysis and Consulting

Discover the true needs of your audience and identify solutions you can provide to their problems.

  • Uncover contributing factors to your digital success story
  • Identify problems and issues relevant to your industry and audience
  • Determining a successful online marketing strategy
  • Ongoing support though a partnership, not a vendor
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Delirium can help you discover your true potential online with our discovery, analysis and consulting services!

What can our Discovery Process & Consulting Services do for you?

What makes Business Consulting vital to your success online?

Business owners often have difficulty grasping the strategies and tactics of digital marketing. For online marketing to be effective, there are many things to consider for best results. Do you know your target audience? Have you identified trends in your industry and how if behaves online? What way do you measure and improve your company’s online pulse? Do you have an idea of how to grow online? If you are unsure about any of these questions, our in-depth Discovery Process will shed light on your digital situation.

Find the bullseye with Delirium helping you aim!

Discover Your True Target Audience

Identifying your customers and truly catering your online presence to the needs of that customer is of vital importance. This crucial component for online success is the key to any successful online marketing campaign. A digital brand for any company or organization should have that groups Target Online Audience in mind from the start. You need to know about your online customer habits and hangouts. Only by learning things such as age, gender, online usage and other Internet habits, can you really start to put together an educated plan online. From this information we can help you determine the best plan for website architecture, content strategy, social media, email marketing and more.

Discovery and Business Consulting take time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. We will find solutions for problems that, upon implementation, will prove extremely beneficial to small or established companies alike. Evaluating industry specific marketing trends and examining the currently presence you have online are the first steps on the path to an effective and successful online marketing campaign. We help you analyze tactics that were previously successful and not so to help decide which direct to steer marketing.

How far can your company go online?

Once we have you sailing smooth with some online best practices, we can roll up our sleeves and begin to innovate solutions, which truly set you apart from your competition. Blogs, interactive info-graphics, video content messaging and auto responding email campaigns are just a few examples that will allow you to grow online with measurable returns on investment. We will help explain the myriad tactics to online success and help employment in a campaign that is suited specifically to the needs of your customers.

Our Measure Twice, Cut Once Mentality

When expanding your company or organizations presence in the arena of digital marketing, it’s important to remember that results do not happen instantly. We look for “quick win” tactics that can help provide immediate support through existing online resources and assets wherever we are able to leverage them to attract more customers. Analyzing the successes and failures of your existing marketing campaigns can help paint a better picture about what is working and what is not. In the end this helps us to allow a business to make a better informed decision on where to go next, and how to focus marketing efforts on what is most effective, while reducing efforts for less impactful endeavors. This process takes time and we consider this to be an ongoing partnership for success. We find the great benefit and peace of mind this relationship can offer to be very welcomed indeed.

Let Delirium make sure you are taking the right steps in your digital marketing plan.

Delirium has the best tools for analyzing and tracking your company over time.

Track Growth and Analysis Changes

We are here to support our clients for the long haul. In order to effectively maintain a successful online presence and deliver impactful marketing campaigns, we require constant collaboration with our clients. Business Analysis and Consulting is not a miracle pill to internet fame. Once you have engaged us to help you, Delirium will leverage our full skill and wide breadth of online experience to help you succeed. As the internet and your industries relationship to it evolve, so to must your digital marketing strategies change to attract the maximum audience possible. We offer frequent evaluation to keep on the pulse of your company online, or less frequent high-level support to help spot red flags and ensure you navigate the waters of the web to avoid pitfalls.

Without attention and care, much like an untended garden losing is beauty, your online campaigns will gradually lose effectiveness, disconnect with your audience and ultimately reduce your ROI. The last thing you want is for your online audience to grow tired of your message and disconnect from you, and wind up with a competitor. We work with you to ensure you are producing relevant and timely campaigns, and then monitor the success of those efforts to more effectively make changes to allow your online presence to grow and attract new viewers and ultimately generate more conversions.

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