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Logo Design & Branding custom crafted for your brand’s unique image, values and audience.

  • We have a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities that have strong visual impact
  • You need your brand to stand out as the true identity of your business, tell your story and show your value
  • We craft quality logos and style guides to help provide you with a uniformed look in all your communications
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The identity of your company online needs to be cohesive, let Delirium help!

To communicate with your audience visually, you need a unique and compelling brand identity and voice.

Your company’s look and feel can say a lot about you. Are you confident your company is being portrayed in the best light possible? Does your look match up to your brand message? If not, you need to take charge of your brand and harness its power. We work with you to craft a brand identity that will benefit your company and help you leave a lasting impression.

A Solid Brand Starts With Research Into Your Market, Industry & Competition.

If your company has a name, and has ever been publicized in any way, you already have some sort of brand. The important thing to remember is that your company portrays itself in your visuals, and you must make sure they align with your message. If ignored, you could be giving people the wrong impression and driving them to your competition.

So what do you do? To start, you should look for inspiration from what you do. Are you able to find a creative visual opportunity in your industry? If so, can you then center that inspiration into a visually impactful message, grounded in the realities of business?

Where do you start? Research. The more information we can uncover about your message and your industry, the better visual appeal we can bring to the table. We will review your competitors and see what you like and what you don’t. We analyze your industry and market to help create informed visual decisions. In the end we can provide you with the best, most powerful brand identity possible.

Delirium's team offers unmatched research capabilities.

Connecting Your Brand To The Heart Of Your Business

Learning about your competition’s brands, and other common visual elements in your industry will help you on the way to a successful company image. What will help you stand apart and have a more potent brand is to actively look for ways to call out what your company does visually, through smart design.

A Brand should reinforce your Unique Values and reflect what you do at every opportunity. This will set you apart, tell a better story, and make the whole company more complete. When your brand reinforces your message, your customers will experience your brand in a more favorable way as a result, and brand loyalty will follow. Your look and feel should be an organic extension of your company.

Know what to do and where to go by knowing when to update your online presence

Solidify Brand Awareness by Shaking Things Up!

It’s important to react when something may require a fundamental change in your look based off user feedback. That said, forward-thinking modifications to your look can help you avoid falling to the wayside in your viewers’ eyes. A brand that does not change and evolve will lose steam over time. You always need to be looking for fresh ways to turn some heads.

Has your market or competition changed visually since your brand was developed? If so, it may be time to consider stepping up your game and refreshing your own brand identity. In addition to helping to stimulate a new audience, this can also attract the attention of your existing customers and renewing their interest in learning more about you. Your image should not be meddled with lightly. Acting with no supporting information or on impulse can be a recipe for disaster. Our recommendation is to proceed with brand modifications using as much discipline and discernment as you are able to bring to bare.

Crafting Consistent Brand Messaging That Lasts

Crafting your brand to be strong and vital takes insight, experience and commitment. Once a brand is in place, the journey doesn’t stop there. Is your brand conveyed in everything you do? It is important to develop clear standards and a voice for your brand to help with messaging and reinforce your brand through all you do.

Cultivate consistency and encourage customers to be confident in what you do. Messaging and Style Guides can ensure that mistakes are far less likely. Inspired discipline and a focused message & style can build momentum, and reveal more opportunities – which can be acted upon to grow your business.

Attributes Shared Across Successful Brands

Brand Identity, Strategy, Consistent Messaging and Style Guides are key components to brand success. Once these things are established, a brand can begin to develop a life of it’s own. These four pieces of the puzzle must be understood and executed properly to ensure success.

Delirium knows what makes a business successful online


Strategy is the roadmap to your success. It shows you the path you need to follow in order to achieve results. Without long-term milestones, intermediate success can be hard to measure. A solid brand strategy helps ensure everything is coordinated and executed in good order.


You need to research your market, establish business goals and make some tough decisions in order to establish a strong identity. Take what your company envisions and ground it in reality for a sure recipe for success. A solid identity in your marketplace as an authority is the goal of any company which seeks an audience.


Once your strategy is determined, you can begin to choose which tactics you will need to succeed in your goals. Which marketing tactics will pay off for your company is something to be constantly reviewing. It’s important to refine, retune and regroup on your brand strategy as you begin to see results. No data is bad, and even a negative tactic has value. Monitoring what succeeds and what doesn’t requires work and review, but the results are a well-oiled marketing machine!


As your brand matures and expands its reach, its true nature begins to unfold. Gaps between your image in the eyes of your customers and the goals you set out to achieve could be grounds to take action and rethink your strategy. Lack of progress means your tactics need to be reviewed. Ultimately, your brands success lives in the minds of your audience. Do you know what they truly think of your organization?

An assertive, consistent brand identity can be a powerful tool. It is vital for you to formulate, develop and refine your brand in order to produce significant, lasting results. Only with this in mind can you ever hope to achieve momentum in the marketplace and that momentum which leads to better opportunities.

Is your brand solid? Does it tell your story? Get noticed and leave an impression with a Powerful, Effective Brand Identity.

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