Email Marketing

Maximize the value of your existing audience by staying current in their inbox with Email Marketing.

  • Compelling subject lines encourage better open rates
  • Clean, eye catching design combine with valuable content will increase your click thru’s
  • Well crafted landing pages ensure your emails perform their best for more conversions
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E-Mail Marketing brings your customers back for more and brings new customers to your website, let Delirium show you how it's done.

Email Marketing Strategy Will Increase Your Return on Investment and Drive More Business

Engaging with your existing audience on a regular basis is the backbone of an effective online presence. You need to keep your organization in your audience’s mind by keeping it in their inbox. This is a sure fire way to get more people on your site, increase conversion and improve business for maximum ROI.

Follow our formula below to get better results from your Email Marketing

Research & Data Mining

It is very important to learn all you can about your users personality and find out what will make them take action.

No matter if you are selling products or delivering information, Email Marketing can help you grow your business.

You need to gran your audience’s attention and hold it in order to drive them to your site with planned action. Confusing design, or giving away to much information up front can reduce your click thru’s.

Determine Goals & Objectives

People are busier than ever these days. Most people who receive your email and make a split second decision on whether to take action of move on.

No matter what your end goal, a compelling email will help keep peoples attention where you need it to be in order to convert. Your emails should offer a variety of choices when sent and have a frequency that works well for your audience. To many emails could cause people to unsubscribe, and to few can make your audience forget your relevance when they are ready to act.

Email Design

We excel at creating compelling email campaigns that capture attention and encourage more clicks. Strong calls to action and professional design ensure your correspondence have maximum conversion.

The goal of your email marketing campaign is to generate clicks and drive more traffic to your website by encouraging your audience to come back again and again. Emails work hand in hand with their corresponding landing pages to deliver maximum impact on your audience. By understanding this relationship you can add a powerful asset to your overall marketing strategy.


People won’t click on an email that is not relevant to their problems or needs. We will work with you to deliver relevant content to your audience on a regular basis, and use analytics and past user activity to supply fresh ideas for more value over time.

Our campaigns are flexible and adaptive. We can institute A/B testing to find successful trends in your audience for more success with each sending. We excel at sending emails that get noticed, and that is no accident. We look at specific information about your audience and their behavior to determine the best ways to interact with them in a custom tailored fashion.

Analysis & Reporting

We ensure an increasing percentage of your audience is opening and clicking on your emails. We experiment with different sending times and days, for example, in order to figure out the sweet spot to send your information at the best times for your audience to react to them. We look for patterns that will dictate sending frequency to get you better clicks.

Continuous tracking will ensure the best possible results in your campaign and provide you with measured results. We watch your email campaigns click thru’s, bounce rates and unsubscribes to ensure your email marketing campaign is healthy and effective.

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