Conversion Rate Optimization

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  • Optimize your website pages to provide more relevant information for your visitors
  • Increase visitor trust with active page changes
  • Promote click through with better calls-to-action to convert visitors into customers
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How do you turn your web traffic into Leads & Sales?

Your website is getting new visits all the time, but are you making the most of that traffic? Are they converting from visits into leads? By using a conversion optimization strategy you will help this process and drive more business.

Why is Conversion Rate Important to your business?

Businesses who sell products or services online, or offer information to their online visitors know that web traffic is vital to their success. You need traffic to ensure enough people are seeing your message. Websites that work well are typically a sound investment for most companies. Its important to make the most of that investment with a solid plan for converting leads into customers or subscribers. If you don’t your investment will not perform the way it could. This requires attention spent on your Conversion Rate Strategy.

What is Conversion?

Simply put, your Conversion Rate is the amount of visitors that turn into customers or loyal followers. Traffic is great, but without directing that traffic in the best way possible, they will never become anything more. If people are not properly directed to your products or services, they will not turn into customers. We specialize in Conversion Rate growth, and can help you turn your traffic into paying customers.

Conversion improvement is a Delirium specialty

High Value Pages: Home Pages and Landing Pages

Nearly all sites have a homepage. Does your begin to funnel people to the proper actions? From the moment a visitor hits your site, you need to begin utilizing tactics that get them to convert. That said, it is also vital to begin to drive people directly to specific sections of your site and in many cases by-pass your homepage.

Pages that do this are called Landing Pages. These pages highlight a specific product, service or set of information. These pages act as beacons on the web for specific searches, and area of great value to your SEO Strategy as well. Search Engines will see people using these links to get deeper into your site and by-pass your homepage as a healthy activity. Why? It shows them you are providing valuable information deep in your site. These pages will make it easier for a potential customer to find exactly what they are looking and increase your chance of turning them into a customer.

Prompt People by Using Call to Action Phrases

No matter the page, its important to have clear call to action phrases. Recommend that someone buy a particular product or encourage a visitor to click a link for more information. These prompts should be clear and obvious to the visitor and stand out in your design.
The hidden threat to your success is creating confusing call to actions, having to many, or not making them stand out enough. This is where a Conversion Rate Strategy comes into play. We can review your site and your goals, and determine where things can be improved. We will help you strategically place things for maximum impact.

Easy To Use is Key In Professional Websites

Having a great looking site is important, but having an easy to use site is digital gold. It is important to be clear, professional and to make sure your site is easy to navigate. Flashing graphics and obnoxious color schemes are often a go to when starting out on the web, but they will deter people and muddy the waters on what is truly important.

You want to make a good first impression and a clean design will do just that. A well thought out site will be easier to navigate and to quickly find the information you are looking for. Taking different user behavior into account is also important. This means allowing more than one way to find what they are looking for.

Streamlining Vital Customer Information

People are leery of providing information about themselves on the web, and rightly so. It is important to build trust and establish it before pushing a visitor to action. How many times do you hit a website and get a pop up to sign up for a newsletter before having any idea if you even want to? Do you often get asked for too much information? That is a huge turn off and will be seen as a red flag to a visitor who is not yet ready to convert.

Paying attention to best practices in Conversion will help a great deal. You can get additional information from a visitor over time for example. It’s important for you to be asking for the right amount of information at the right time. A great place to start is simply to collect a name and email address, and grow trust from there. Trust for a website should be earned over time, not begged for all at once.

Ensure You Deliver A Clear Message

Your message must be clear, as you don’t have much time to deliver it. Visitors that are hit with an overload of information may not actually know what you are about and what you are trying to offer them, and become turned off. This is a common mistake that happens more than you might think. It is easy to make assumptions on prior knowledge of your services and lose someone with industry specific terms for example. We can review your website with an objective pair of fresh eyes and help to rectify this issue and unify your message.
Bottom line is that Conversion is an important part of your company’s success online. It’s not about volume of traffic, but rather the quality of traffic. If a website is not tailored to the needs and wants of your target audience you run the risk of attracting the wrong people, and confusing the right ones when they reach you. Let us help you by going through your site through an audit and help to determine what should be done and what can be streamlined to help ensure your message and offer are clear.

To get underway, we start by identifying what type of traffic is reaching your site. You need to get visits from the best sources possible. You homepage should not be the only way people find you, and so optimizing specific landing pages is vital. Simply put, your homepage should not be the only way people find you. Landing pages allow you to cater to a specific need with a specific service. If a visitor is able to easily find the information they are looking for, they can more easily convert from visitor to customer.
Minimizing the calls-to-action on your site is an ideal way to drive people to the most vital information. By eliminating confusion, you will ensure your sites intended information lines up with your visitors needs.
Keep visual distractions to a minimum to help create a clear and concise format for your visitors to navigate. By distilling your content down to the most vital pieces, you can ensure an easy to use website.
Have clear messaging and obvious calls to action on your landing pages. When visitors reach your site from pages other than home, its important to ensure they get the attention they deserve. Messaging should be clear and match up with search phrases you use to drive your visitors to the right info.

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