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Great design can make a great first impression, but a truly powerful website is all about what’s under the hood.

  • Create custom tools and solutions tailored to your business online
  • Design applications based off your business needs to solve real problems
  • Utilize powerful, password protected, areas for your employees to do more
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Your website needs to look great, but what will make it a true winner is it’s ability to help your business get results from the Internet.

Website Development has come a long way from a static online brochure. If you are unfamiliar with the difference please read on. When a website can help solve real problems and streamline your efforts online, it can open many doors. It is important to look good, but when you examine your website from the perspective of “How can this help us succeed?” you can begin to see the true value of the modern Internet. Take advantage of the myriad of powerful assets your website can become with better Website Development.

Design or Development, So What’s The difference?

Web Design is the process of creating a visually appealing, well-thought-out user interface for your audience to navigate. It takes into account many factors to help craft a website you can be proud of which represents your brand.

Web Development is the “Nuts and Bolts” or “Behind the scenes” magic that helps transform your website from Great Looking to a Powerful Business Tool. There is a myriad of options and custom solutions that can help improve your business. Some of these might be as simple as installing a plugin. Others might be custom coded based off a unique problem you are facing which requires a solution specific to your company or audience. Whichever the case may be, we have the ability to provide you with custom web development that can improve the value of your website in ways you never imagined.

Custom Solutions, Catered to Your Needs

Custom solutions have a wide range. Plugins exist in most Content Management Systems to allow a wide range of applications, such as powerful forms or interactive menus. Utilizing plugins for your site will save us time by not reinventing the wheel, and that allows your money to go that much further by allowing us to focus on your more unique needs. Custom solutions start with our Discovery Process, in which we take a serious look at your business and leave nothing to chance. Once we are done we are able to provide you with details on options that can help to streamline your processes, interact more effectively with your customers, and allow you team to get more done.

An example would be client intake forms that are tailored to how you do business. Perhaps you have a large team that needs to coordinate on a variety of moving parts. We can develop a back end, password-protected area to your website to allow specific users to login and accomplish a myriad of tasks remotely. This could include a dashboard of specific information to allow users to easily access vital information and allow you to more effectively communicate with your team. If you have a business problem, we see opportunities to improve things.

Delirium can make sure you're getting the most out of your web presence

If you can imagine it is possible, we can help to make it probable.

Integrate your website with your existing tools

Work smarter, not harder – with Integration and Automation

One great benefit to custom work is the ability to integrate your site with other software you may already be using through APIs. Simply put, this allows us to work with existing software required by your business to furnish solutions on your website. If you have a payment processing company you work with, for example, we will likely be able to set up a section of your site to allow payments to be made on your site without the need to require a visitor to leave the site. We can set up code to talk to your application process and streamline an intake of digital resumes. If you have data you need to populate on your website for the latest statistics in your industry, we have the ability to tie into national databases of information and serve that information to your viewers. For one solution we built a system that was required to show every state, county, and school district in America. We worked with a government database that keeps real time information on all public schools in the nation. We were able to integrate into a site that allowed people to drill down to a specific school based off city, zip code or school district.

Another powerful benefit of custom coding is the ability to create automation for your business processes. We can streamline tasks which might still be handled manually or via email to ensure information is being provided in the right format, and save your team time when putting it together. In one solution we built, a client approached us with a specific problem of having a 100+ member team that had to provide weekly information to the management team. This came through in all manner of uncoordinated ways, and the result was the management team spending far too much time simply reorganization things to be able to view the information properly. We stepped in and built a powerful Intranet solution that allowed the team to easily enter the required information on computers or tablets with a mobile friendly interface. The website then did all the work on formatting and the management team got the information how they wanted it, saving them a huge amount of time and effort.

At the end of the day, your website should not only look good, but it should also pull it’s weight as your most tireless employee. It never sleeps, it doesn’t need breaks and it will work holidays when everyone else is away. Don’t simply assume that having a nice looking site is the best you can get out of modern web technology. By taking advantage of Custom Web Development solutions, you can leverage your website as never before and see a return on your investment you can be proud of.

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