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Mobile Web Development is important in an era when people are using phones more and more to browse the web. There is an ever-expanding amount of phone and tablets emerging on the market. Responsive Web Development will ensure your company looks good no matter which device your audience uses.

  • In 2015, Google changed the industry with their mobile-friendly update. Mobile-friendliness now directly impacts ranking in search results
  • Responsive web development is a must
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Looking great on a mobile device is necessary these days!

Responsive Website Development is a MUST

Are you familiar to Responsive web design? Do you know the difference between a responsive website or an adaptive design? Most business owners are simply too busy to keep up with modern web trends. Regardless, the financial success of your website depends on the implementation of a proper responsive web design. Responsive Web Design is an important investment you can make in your organization’s future.

Analyze Your Industry, Market, Competition and Customers

Responsive Website Design was created in a response to a growing variety in smartphone and tablet design. When people primarily used their desktop or laptop computers, websites were driven by a need to function on larger screens. As more people tried to view and use websites on smaller screens, it quickly became apparent that those practices simply would not do the job on their own. Websites would load to slowly and not function as intended, and were generally frustrating to users. More often then not this would result in users leaving a site.

Know your audience!

Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Design, Which Should You Choose?

Adaptive Design was the original answer to mobile phone usage of the internet. They filled a gap in the short term, but Responsive Website have emerged as the dominate solution to varying screen sizes:

Adaptive Design is a static solution, which was the original reaction to a shift in screen size for most viewers. Websites needed to be designed in several sizes in order to meet the rising needs of mobile users. The site would detect the users screen size and serve up the proper site. The resulting problem with adaptive websites was that the technology would not stand still. New screen sizes are constantly being developed, and it is simply not practical to continue to develop new sites to react.

Adaptive Design has another hidden issue at its core. It requires a massive amount of additional time to be able to push your content out several times. This can result in issues of content not being consistent across the various site designs, and require a large amount of extra needless effort, time and expense to maintain

Responsive design is a fluid solution in which the site adapts itself to whatever screen size your viewer is using. This functionality is built into the core of your website to allow greater flexibility than ever. The result is that your website will look great regardless of the device it is viewed on. The user will be able to get the best experience possible this way. They can easily view your content and search for information easily and effectively. As new devices emerge on the market place you can be confident your website will look beautiful and keep up.

Responsive Website Design is a solution that has been driven by current trends and the expectation of future advancement in technologies and screen sizes.

Your website looking good on a mobile phone is not an option

The Explosion Of Mobile Devices

Why does your company require a mobile responsive website? So viewers are able to stay on your site and convert into customers regardless of what device they are using. It’s that simple.

Starting in 2015 mobile devices overtook desktop computers or laptops as the dominant way people viewed the Internet. This trend has continued and shows no sign of slowing. Google reacted to this increase in mobile viewing by boosting the ranking of websites, which are mobile responsive, and penalizing older static sites. Load time, and image size also hinder rankings if not taken care of properly. Any website that doesn’t have a responsive web design is operating at a severe disadvantage and will steadily lose customers to more forward thinking competition.

Some companies have made the choice to keep their original website while also developing a separate “mobile-only” website. The result for the company is additional work and expense to keep things uniform across platforms. This would increase the workload required to maintain a companies web presence and invite mistakes. The obvious choice to avoid this extra work is a responsive website design.

Can A Responsive Website Design Benefit Your Business?

Improved search engine rankings. Since Google rewards sites using a responsive layout with higher rankings by default, websites that are static are penalized.

You can increase overall traffic and conversion rates by providing a mobile friendly experience for your viewers.

Mobile friendly sites will reduce the bounce rate of your site when being viewed on a mobile device.

Compete more effectively in an evolving digital marketplace by being accessible to all customers on all their devices.

Efficiently in time spent updating and editing your site.

Forward thinking scalability for your company online.

At the end of the day, a responsive website design will result in a more satisfied customer, and more money in the bank. It’s a must that is required for higher ranking on mobile searches. It’s estimated that there soon there will be more than two billion smartphone users in the world, and most of them will have multiple devices.

Our Development Team will craft a website that will seamlessly move into the future and ensure functionality across multiple devices. In this day and age, your organization simply cannot afford anything less than a responsive website design.

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