Mobile App Development

Leverage the power of mobile phones with Apple and Android Mobile Applications.

  • Identify potential solutions an app would provide to your company
  • Develop custom applications that tie your customers to your business
  • Create apps that allow your employees to streamline their efforts in the field
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Delirium can help you develop an app for what your customers need and want

Nearly every consumer has a smartphone these days, which they use to make decisions. Take advantage of rising Mobile App usage and use an app to grow your business.

With so many people using smart phones, it’s hard to ignore their power for marketing and customer service in this digital age. Your audience has access to a world of information at their fingertips like never before. One way people interact with smartphones most is through the use of web apps. Apple and Android apps dominate this market, and with them its possible to open up whole new ways to interact with your audience. Communicate your value to your customers, or streamline your interactions with your team. The options are many, but where do you begin?

Determine what benefit an application would have for your business.

Apps are a great addition to most businesses; they help you keep in touch and in sync with your audiences, both internal and external. It’s important to understand your needs before undertaking a project to create one. To start we recommend engaging with our Discovery Process to determine the true needs of your business, target audience and industry. Through this process we uncover a vast amount of information about your organization, some you will know and some you might not have considered yet. Once we have painted this digital picture of your organization we can start to determine what sort of application would be of the most benefit to you.

Develop Web Apps to connect to your customers.

Depending on your marketing or business goals, there are a wide variety of uses for Mobile Apps on Apple or Android phones. Many are aimed at your customers or audience. You can, for example, deliver content or news and communicate to an audience through an app. You can take payments for services, book meeting times, or just about any other service you can imagine. If you have team members interact with customers remotely you can use an app to help coordinate that activity and get instant information and feedback about the interaction. With mobile apps you can engage with your audience in ways you never thought possible.

Let Delirium create the app your customers need for you

Thinking an app could help your business?

Another exciting aspect of mobile apps that people often overlook is their ability to work with and interact with their team or employees. Apps provide an excellent way to interact with an internal audience through all manner of time saving solutions. Time tracking, and communication with a home office are two popular applications. If you have a remote team, or team members in the field an app can provide an easy link be to the business management team to help coordinate efforts. We have developed solutions that allow management teams to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of employees and thousands of audience members. The result is a streamlining of manpower which translates into dollars saved.

If you can imagine it is possible, we can help to make it probable.

Mobile Apps and Integration to Websites

A global benefit of Mobile Apps is the ability of those apps to communicate with a website in some fashion to help coordinate efforts. We develop powerful tools which can be housed on your website that allow you to update information and communicate with your apps in real time. Once we know what sort of information you need to communicate or what task needs to be performed, we can create an interface, which is easy to learn and use. We then train your team on how to work with that system to allow you to more effectively control the Mobile App in a manner that suits your team and saves them time.

Do you think a Mobile App could be of value to your organization but not sure where to begin? Let us help you start!

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