eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Websites have a lot of moving parts. Keep yours well oiled with powerful backend technology.

  • Control products and inventory levels with ease
  • Sync to your Brick and Mortar store for greater flexibility
  • Monitor and reach to your users for a better conversion rate
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An eCommerce Website can be a powerful addition to your business. It is important that it is created in a way that fits your business and will allow you to grow.

eCommerce sites have a myriad of moving parts and are infinitely more complicated than a typical service based website. This can include things like a CMS, CRM, Customer Service Solutions, Forums and Communities, Live Chat, Payment Security and Shipping Options. The list can be daunting to say the list for a business owner wishing to sell online. You don’t have to be overwhelmed; we have the experience and know how to help you get an eCommerce Website up and running. It will not only took good, but stand the test of performance and innovation.

Design or Development, So What’s The difference?

Web Design for an eCommerce store is the process of creating a visually appealing, well thought out user interface that allows people to find the products they are looking for with minimal effort. It takes into account many factors to help craft an online store which represents your brand and promotes your products.

eCommerce Web Development is the “Nuts and Bolts” or “Behind the scenes” magic that helps increase your conversion rate. There is a myriad of options and custom solutions that can help improve an online store. Some of these might be as simple as installing a plugin. Others might be custom coded based off a unique problem you are facing which requires a solution specific to your company or audience. Whichever the case may be, we have the ability to provide you with custom ecommerce development that can improve the value of your online store and sell more products.

Custom Solutions, Catered to Your Needs

Custom solutions have a wide range. Plugins exist for many eCommerce programs, which allow a wide range of applications, such as user roles or advanced shipping options. Utilizing plugins for your site will save us time by not reinventing the wheel, and that allows your money to go that much further by allowing us to focus on your more unique needs. Custom solutions start with our Discovery Process, in which we take a serious look at your business and leave nothing to chance. Once we are done we are able to provide you with details on options that can help to streamline your processes and increase conversion for viewers to customers.

If you can imagine it is possible, we can help to make it probable.

Four Components of a Strong eCommerce Website Backend

Your website’s success will depend on proper SEO work. It is important to ensure your product pages have proper SEO in mind when you are creating content for your products. Things like Meta Description, Meta Titles, Page Titles and H Tags within your product description all play varying rolls in your sites ability to attract the attention of search engines. Failure to make the most of these will make your site hard to find. Take care to review your sitemap.xml file, which will tell search engines about each page on your site and ensure they are indexed properly. Create “rules” for entering new product information on the site that effectively target the keywords you are looking to rank for, and ensure that your pages are performing properly in searches.

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