Content Management Systems

CMS Solutions are powerful, flexible and scalable. They can be customized to meet your business’s specific needs.

  • Powerful, Forward Thinking & Scalable Solutions
  • Unique flexibility through customization
  • Unlimited creativity in your designs
  • Easy to use Intuitive Interfaces
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What is a Content Management System (CMS) and Why is It Important?

Content Management Systems offer a flexible, easy-to-use solution for businesses that allow you to take control if your website. A CMS can be a powerful asset to your online business presence which can meet and exceed your businesses needs.

Your needs can vary, so it’s important to choose the right CMS solution for your business. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to a CMS, but rather what works for your business online should dictate the solution. For most businesses, a content management system can serve a broad list of needs. They can be used to create and manage digital content via a software application or through a single, password protected interface.

What are the Benefits of a Content Management System for Your Business?

A content management system can improve your experience with your website in many ways. They allow a business to take control of their online business and make edits without the need to understand code. When working with an experienced agency such as Delirium, using a CMS saves valuable time by allowing us to make edits and manipulate your content far more quickly. So rather than spend your money on coding time, you can increase the value of our work by allowing us to get to the truly important tasks on your behalf.

How to select the best CMS for YOUR project:

There are a variety of content management systems on the market today. Its important for us to analyze your needs before finding the right fit. Here are some things we look at:

  • Do you need to manage content?
  • The primary reason for using a CMS is to control your content. Content can be saved as a draft, managed through various folders, and published to the web. Site navigation can be easily updated as needed.
  • Want to boost your online branding? 
  • Marketing tools keep customers informed about the latest products and services through multi-channel campaign management, including RSS feeds, emails, social sharing and other strategies.
  • Need to rank higher?
  • A vital factor for a high ranking with the search engines is relevant, fresh, and informative content. The right CMS makes it much easier to attract more users and generate more comments and likes.
  • Do you plan to grow?
  • Plug-ins, modules and custom coding can be added to a CMS as your business needs change.
  • Looking for better customer service online?
  • People respond to features like FAQs, help sections, and support forms favorably.
  • Want to streamline efficiency?
  • Templates make it easy to choose an interface and manipulate pages in less time. A CMS can help you easily upload and update content on the fly.
  • Want to improve workflow? 
  • With a good CMS you don’t need to have people cross-check to ensure they are working with the latest version of a document. Every aspect of managing content is easier, saving time and money.
  • Improved search capability. An internal search capability is essential for customer satisfaction and retention on many business websites. CMS automatically indexes new content so it will be instantly found. Other useful search functions include saved searches and sorting lists.
  • Cross-selling: A sophisticated CMS will learn a user’s preferences and behavior, making it much easier and cost-effective to cross-sell and up-sell.


The benefits:

  • The most widely used CMS on the market, especially for blogs and simple informational sites
  • Quick set up and updating can have a site live and moving fast
  • Wordpress has a large community offering support, plugins and updates
  • Acceptable for simple Ecommerce sites with 500 or less products
  • Seamless and near limitless customization
  • User Friendly interface for non-web savvy users in your organization
  • Vast functionality through modules and extension, backed by a large community of developers
Delirium masters WordPress sites

Delirium delivers Drupal sites


The benefits:

  • Also widely used and quick to set up
  • Great for high-end corporate, eCommerce or informational sites
  • Wide functionality through many modules and extensions provided by a large community of developers
  • VERY user-friendly
  • Ecommerce modules easily integrated, it is powerful for all ecommerce applications
  • Customization is simple and easy
  • Built-in efficiency for information handling


The benefits:

  • Ideal for eCommerce sites with large amounts of products and categories
  • Handles a wide variety of payment systems, shipping solutions and vendors
  • Powerful built in tools for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Highly customizable with an ability to utilize plugins or custom coding as needed
  • Easily allows you to make mass imports or edits of products
  • Will support multiple languages
Magento sites are a Delirium specialty

A comprehensive review of CMS capabilities is necessary before making an informed decision.

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