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Mobile is king these days. Soon 60% of web users will be using their phone for most interaction online. Stay current with a mobile site that can offer high value, easy interaction and create demand for your business.

  • Engage with your audience while they are out and about or in the field
  • Be forward thinking in your industry and ensure your mobile customers see you
  • Cultivate an effective mobile presence and use it to grow
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Delirium can help you capture the growing mobile audiences

Just how important is it to have a mobile website?

The short answer is more important than ever. In recent years Google announced that search results will be heavily impacted by a sites mobile capability. So if you are not mobile ready, you may be invisible to your audience. Do you know what portion of your audience is already mobile? Regardless the number will only be rising as time goes on. Search Engines have shown record growth in the amount of people who rely on a phone to conduct online searches and surfing. Mobile design for a site dominates our industry as more and more people use their phone or tablet in favor of a computer. Websites not structured to be mobile friendly are going to suffer more and more, and deal with page ranks dropping as result. Delirium embraces the mobile Internet and design sites that thrive in it and take advantage of what mobile has to offer you.

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Analyzing Your Industry, Market, and Competition

Typically when someone navigates to a website on a mobile device, they are not browsing, but rather there for a specific purpose. You need to be conscious of this in your mobile site and take advantage of that fact by making it easy for them to quickly locate the information they need and navigate to it. Mobile users should be considered in a hurry and somewhat fickle. Load time can play a big factor in them leaving your site, so make sure things are served up fast. If the navigation is awkward, they tend to abandon the site as confusing, and are not likely to reengage once in front of a computer. This can mean they are planning to go spend their money elsewhere. A successful mobile site makes info easy to access by literally putting the right experience in the users hands.

Mobile Web Surfers Are Proven Mobile Shoppers!

Mobile users have a tendency to be more likely to become mobile buyers. This is the core of why mobile responsive website design is so important. A solid indicator of success in an online business is bottom line profits, and our goal is to enhance your bottom line. We craft mobile experiences that ensure users find them convenient, and work the way you intend them to. Responsive Website Design will ensure your site is easy to navigate and use on mobile devices and desktop computers alike, with a focus on retaining customer attention longer and to keep them coming back for more.

If they browse online, they buy online!

Responsive Mobile Sites are Used for Business

Mobile users will often use a mobile site search to verify information. This could be activities from fact-checking, to price checking in a brick and mortar store before a purchase, depending on your industry. Providing product details online will allow you to help enhance a customers shopping experience. Industry statistics show that around 70% of consumers routinely check a mobile site prior to making a purchase, to fact check and verify information about buying decisions. A well designed mobile site can help those customers or visitors easily locate and evaluate the information they are looking for to sway their buying decision. Sites that are not mobile friendly only encourage those viewers to navigate to a competitor for that information. Which side of that fence would you want your company to be on when it comes time for that customer to make a decision?

Stand Out From The Crowd, Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

Standing out in the crowd and differentiating your site from your competitors can often determine if the site is successful on mobile devices. Many companies have yet to recognize the damage they are doing to their online presence and have not yet converted to a mobile responsive website. If you are among them, it means the quality experience you should seek to provide customers online is not being delivered. That is a missed opportunity for your company to shine online in a sea of mediocre websites. Here are a few items to keep in mind with your mobile site:

Speed is king – If your site isn’t loading in under 5 seconds, people are moving on.

Appearance is vital – Websites look drastically different when they are mobile friendly, and not having such an interface will drive people to a competitor.

Information Architecture rules – Mobile experiences are different, and so its important to make sure the right information gets into a viewers hands quickly.

Delirium carefully crafts websites that are designed to maximize their potential on mobile devices and tablets. The goal is to keep them on your site and convert than simply browse, as mobile usage indicates a need.

Are you still not sure if you need a mobile friendly site? Well we are, and we would be happy to discuss this step for your business. Online marketing strategies and technology can shift quickly. A site that may have been working for you in the past could be acting as an anchor in the sea of online browsing and pulling your online presence and reputation down with it. We can help you stay up to date to matter what waters you are navigating and generate a good return on your business needs.

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