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Good Logo Design & Brand Identity Set You Apart

Delirium has created many successful logos

Your logo and brand identity are some of the most important pieces of design your company can create. They are the face and look of everything you ever put into print or publish online. Be certain that your identity is aligned with your values, and also speaks to the needs of your industry.

Your brand is your identity, the true essence of what your company is visually. Is your brand a good representation of your business today? Committing to a redesign of a brand and company identity is a serious decision. As you grow and your company or organization expands and evolves, so to must your brand identity. Your goals may have shifted or changed since inception of your organization. Perhaps your services have expanded to the point where your current visuals just don’t cut it. The point is that your business isn’t frozen in time, and it’s look shouldn’t be either.

Consider your current logo for a moment. Is it effective? Does it tell your story and convey the essence of your passion visually? Does it look dated or perhaps representative of an earlier style or trend? If these questions give you something to think about, it might be time to consider an update to your brand identity and logo design. We work with you to discover the true passion of your brand, and the true needs of your audience. An updated more modern look will help you to better position yourself first and foremost in the eyes of your audience and industry as they evolve. Our team excels at design and brands are no exception. We can craft you a logo to be proud of that represents your current business direction, your message and your client’s desires.

Most successful companies allow their look and feel to evolve with the trends their modern audiences can relate to. Major corporations like Pepsi and Ford redesign their logos and rethink their brands many times over the years. Each time they strive to achieve a fresh look while remaining true to the brand and retaining instant recognition. Sometimes a brand update doesn’t have to be drastic, but rather a subtle shift in an existing theme to push it to the next level. AT&T’s logo for example, retains much of its original feel in the line art, but the style in how it is used has kept up over the years. Apple is another example of a company whose logo has been updated over the years, but never lost it’s essential core.

If your current logo and brand work, then perhaps the changes just need to be subtle updates to the modern area of design. Things like new font, color and styling can have a big impact while not changing the core of your look. This shows you moving boldly into the future, while never losing sight of your established values and traditions. Whatever your needs, Delirium will work with you to ensure you are happy with the new look and that the outcome is a success.

Rethinking your logo usually accompanies a larger effort to update the brand as a whole. They tend to go hand in hand. There are many determining factors for this, including:

Business name change or addition

Merger or acquisition. Anheuser-Busch and Inbev used elements from both logos to create a new design

Evolving attitudes and behavior in your audience.

A major change in the direction of the industry or business

A new logo can represent a new era for a business after a major event or shift. Delirium will collaborate with you so the core of the company will remain while the overall design lays a strong foundation for future marketing efforts, plans and achievements.

An effective pivot in logo design can be just what you need to shake things up a bit and increase awareness of your brand. The goal of increasing conversion rates and traffic are what you stand to gain. The Core Benefits of Logo Design in a solid brand include:

Making a lasting first impression the customer will remember

Communicating the ideas or philosophy behind your methods

Representing your values, trust and loyalty

Visually demonstrating a perceived reward

Whatever your reason for updating your company’s image, we can start from scratch, or simply provide a subtle shift in your existing designs. The first step is for us to have a conversation with you about your company and your goals to get an idea of what the best solution would be for you to achieve your branding goals.