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Result we delivered

Tight Deadline

This client was unhappy with the progress another team was making on this project. They had not shown any positive results in over a year of work. This site needed to be live in time for an event in just 45 days. We brought on extra team members to ensure they were ready to roll in time for their event.

Massive Database

This project’s goal was to convert over 500 pages of political data into an interactive online experience. We got to work sorting and parsing out vital information into easy to navigate sections and eye catching info graphics. We delivered a clear and concise database of information for users to navigate and learn more from.

Database Creation and Management for an online learning portal

The Almanac of Latino Politics is considered by many to be the bible of Latino Political Data. This publication is a massive amount of information collected and organized into one tome of knowledge. We encouraged it to do something different and went we took it online.

What was needed to organize this massive amount of data into one easy to use website was a deep understanding of content organization, and the know how to get people to access it. Our team put together a dynamic, easy to navigate system, which allows students and political officials to access a variety of information and graphic data on Latino Political and Population statistics.

We came into this project with an impossibly tight deadline. This project, which was originally specked to take more than 6 months, was required in less than 45 days in order to be ready for a major event. We burned the candle at both ends, stole a few more candles and where able to not only meet the deadline, but far exceed the clients expectation.

This project was a huge success and exists as a major resource for anyone seeking political data. The site includes downloadable traditional versions of the content as well as the interactive sections, which make up the many pieces of this political puzzle.