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Result we delivered

SEO Success

This client has a specific set of people who they need to target. With some work we put them on page one of Google through SEO for terms that target their audience.

Page One On Google Searches

Endorsement Engagement

We have set up raffles and events for this client with groups like the St Louis Blues to help drive traffic from unique sources. The raffles are not for money, but rather encourage people to engage with the client in a variety of ways.

Email Growth

We manage a wide variety of marketing activities for this client, but a staple for their audience is email marketing. In less than a year we helped increase their audience from 9,000 to over 22,000 members.

Email Database Increased 244%+

Full Branding, App Design, Web and Marketing Presence

This Non-profit group approached us at their inception with a need for Branding and Web Design. We started by creating a logo and brand identity for the group. This look was very specific and aimed at the Law Enforcement Community. With this look established, we were able to produce a series of marketing tools for them including a variety of print items such as business cards, trade show displays and mailing pieces to promote the groups message.

We also set them up with a mobile responsive, SEO driven web presence to help attached the audience they are looking for. In just a few years Hero911 boasts 30,000+ Law Enforcement Members nationwide and is growing every month.

“I regularly receive compliments from our colleagues such as “Who did that great website?” or “Your design team is a definite keeper.  I’ve never seen such good work!”   The work is very visually appealing and draws the eye to our priorities.   Delirium has the unique ability to take a generic concept or idea and turn it in to an effective presentation..…”

Read Full Testimonial Here

To help aid in that growth we have helped them in a variety of marketing activities. Notably we send regular eBlasts to their audience to help keep them informed, and help promote them on various social networks to help attract new members. We also have done a series of “engagement raffles” to help even more. From a partnership with the St. Louis Blues to give away tickets for their special event “Hero Night” to a partnership with the Force Institute in Chicago to allow an officer to attend the Institutes training course on behalf of Hero911. These raffles are done in such away that users are encouraged to promote Hero911 on their social networks. Instead of buying tickets users earn entries by liking Hero911 on Facebook, following them on Twitter, retweeting things, and promoting the group to the work. In this way the raffle participants have earned thousands of entries while helping to promote the group to an ever larger audience.