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Result we delivered

Crowd Funding

We developed a customized crowd funding solution which allows the district schools to submit ideas, and have the community contribute to their success.

Content Management

While we are still around for the tricky parts, this client has the ability to receive submissions from teachers and students for projects. Once they are approved by the board they have been given an easy to use interface to get the projects online themselves.some cases rising to number 1!

Custom Crowd Funding Solution for a School District

This school district reached out to us with the need to help encourage their community and parents to help fund projects the schools required funds for. After meeting with the board we put together a solution to do just that. We developed a crowd-funding platform for the school to use to allow people to contribute to various projects submitted by different teachers and departments in the district.

This solution allowed for the teachers to enter possible projects for submission and review by the board. The district gets an alert that a new project has been requested, and the form the teach fills out removed the need to paper submissions and helped to streamline the process. We put together an easy to use solution for district to add the new projects to the site once approved.

“We now have the ability for a teacher to submit a project to the district via the website.  Upon review and approval, the district can put in the information and it will show up on the right spot in the website where our community members can fund it.…”

Read Full Testimonial Here

We have developed the branding for the new solution to tie into the existing look and feel of the district with a new twist. We are also working with the district to help promote the site to their community via Social Media and Email Marketing.