Entertainment / Online Gaming Retailer

  • Conversion focused web design to drive sales
  • Responsive design, attractive on a variety of monitor, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone sizes
  • Email marketing campaigns drive your audience to your website
  • Beautiful advertisements on your site convert your visitors into customers
  • Well designed customized landing pages hold your visitors attention

Result we delivered

Improved Online Sales

We helped this client bring its website into the modern web. They had a preexisting eCommerce platform that had to remain in place. We worked with that platform to create a mobile responsive new look. We paid close attention to the User Experience and work on the checkout process. After launch the conversion rate of the site more than doubled.

Conversion Rate Up 200%

New Sales Channels

This client had tried unsuccessful to leverage the power of email and social media marketing in the past. We took the reigns of these marketing channels and have delivered powerful results. In the first year of work, our marketing efforts have accounted for 15%+ of this clients site traffic.

15% Traffic Increase

Email Marketing

This client struggled to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing, and had low open and click through rates with an unengaged audience. We turned this around, and grew the audience in a huge way in just the first year.

Email Database Up 198%+

eCommerce & User Interface Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This client was stuck in a rut with a website that was doing more harm than good. The site was outdated and not suited for the modern web. It was not mobile friendly, hard to navigate and outdated in its look and feel. Worse they were doing no active marketing to attract new users and their returning users were out pacing new ones.

Delirium worked up a fresh mobile friendly design in the clients existing eCommerce software to help turn things around. We worked closely with the company’s owner to ensure the existing brand mascot was given new life along with the site. We improved the user interface, navigation and shopping cart. Our goal was to help improve the users ease of navigation and ability to purchase quickly, from a quicker streamlined site.

“We knew we had to upgrade our site to become mobile friendly and responsive. Delirium was able to do that! Mobile responsiveness and the fresh new User Interface increased our conversion rate by double.”

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Upon the launch of the new site the audience feedback was amazingly positive. The newer navigation and onsite graphics helped them to drill down to the information they needed quicker. The new landing pages we launched for their major product categories continue to dominate their top 10 most visited pages, and mobile user issues vanished. Most notably, their sites conversion rate MORE THAN DOUBLED upon launch of the new site.

In addition to the new site design we also work closely with this client in an Online Marketing capacity. With a mix of Email Marketing, Onsite Ads, Social Media Support and Search Engine Optimization we account for almost 30% of their sites traffic and nearly 20% of sales.