Law Enforcement / Public Safety Equipment Online Retailer

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Result we delivered

Online Sales Growth

During the first year of marketing and web management we caused a major increase in this client’s online presense. With strong marketing to attract traffic this client was able to increase online sales in a big way.

Online Orders Up 833%+

Search Engine Optimization

We have targeted several keyword terms to help attract this clients target audience. During our work we have helped this client to rise to page 1 of at least 4 Keyword Terms, and in some cases rising to number 1!

4+ Google Searches Ranking Page 1

Email Marketing

This client had never taken advantage of email marketing tactics. We implemented them with great success. Not only do emails drive a good amount of repeat sales and keep the audience informed, but the size of the database has grown dramatically in just the first year.

Email Database Up 135%+

eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This Company has been in the business of serving the Law Enforcement Community for over 50 years and prides themselves on customer service. We noticed that their website wasn’t living up to that and reached out. After a few discussions it became clear that their site was a big problem and they were ashamed of it, but didn’t know what to do other than not advertise.

We worked up a new solution that created a powerful and dynamic eCommerce store to help them finally be proud of their online presence. We worked closely with their team to ensure a smooth migration of the existing product database into the new system. The result was a powerful mobile ready, SEO driven eCommerce powerhouse to sell their products.

An additional feature of their site is that we work with this client to set up custom sales portals for their customers, allowing entire departments to be catered to in great detail. A Police or Fire Department that wished to engage them in this fashion received a custom department portal that allows them to see specific inventory chosen by the department with any requirements they might have to this end. With a wide variety of features to choose from, the department can receive a truly unique experience.

Upon launch of the site Delirium became the digital marketing arm of the company. We perform a full spread of marketing services including Email and social media marketing to the existing audience, onsite marketing, SEO and a variety of other digital and physical efforts.

After just 4 months of being live the site was doing 6 TIMES the sales of the old site, and its something they can now be proud of..