Entertainment / Online Gaming Retailer

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Result we delivered

Database Growth

This client’s database growth rate prior to our work was 10% annually. In just 1 year we grew the database at a rate of 210%; from 23,000 to 50,000+ subscribers. That database has grown to become a steady and significant revenue stream which had been previously unexplored

Customer Base Up 215%+

Social Pulse

When we started our social campaign this client had 3,000 Likes with a growth rate of approximately 84 Likes per month. Our promotional tactics grew the audience by 1,200 in one month to a total of 4,200.

Monthly Growth Increased 1400%+

Traffic Increase

This clients existing website was a hassle for them and their customers. The site had no functional backend or solid database structure, and was invisible so far as SEO was concerned. We stepped in and helped them create a product database, and put together a modern eCommerce solution, as well as a powerful marketing plan. The proof was in the data of our success. Traffic prior to launch was around a day. After 6 months of work, we had the average daily traffic up to 9400!

Daily Traffic Up 294%

eCommerce & User Interface Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This eCommerce client approached us with a wide variety of problems. They had an old website built in out dated software. They were looking to expand to something better to help growth the business. The site was not user friendly and they had no real brand identity. To boot the process for getting g products online was shoddy, and they had out grown their server space and needing to relocate.

We worked with the client to tackle both issues of design and development with a full re-design and database migration to a more powerful eCommerce solution. They were dismayed to learn their old site had no way to export the product database and were looking at countless man hours to recreate this vital piece of their business. We developed a scraping program that combed the existing sites pages and built a database of over 20,000 products from scratch.

While we worked on the websites new design, we also developed a series of customized scripts and programs that focused on the specific processes the business to tackle some real issues in time wasting. One example of a customized solution was a “Box Breaking” program. The client would purchase boxes of product, and break them down and sell the individual items. These items had different values associated to them, and we developed a script that would trigger an alter when certain parameters where met in the sites sails to tell the buying team it was time to purchase more boxes.

On the front end we provided a unique well received web design, which took the audience into account at every turn. Behind the scenes we created a massive database with a dizzying number or requirements. We developed multiple uniquely coded solutions for business operations integration with the new site..

“In late 2009 I met Rick from Delirium while he was shopping in my retail store in St Louis. After speaking with Rick several times I found out that he and his staff designed and built websites. I’ve worked closely with the Delirium team over the past year and a few months ago we launched our new website.”

Read Full Testimonial Here

Once the site was launched, it would need to begin to attract new traffic. We set up a powerful marketing and advertising plan to drive new traffic. Through branding, we developed a solid style guide for the client to work with in house. We provided long term maintenance, support, and peace of mind through launch and many milestones of growth. The sites traffic doubled in size in the first 6 months. Through the use of our tactics in marketing, the normally slow grothing customer base exploded and more than doubled in less than a year, adding millions of dollars in sales. The improved backend of the site allowed the company to produce and execute work on a scale they hade never imagined.