Retail Store / Event Location

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Result we delivered

In House Control

These folks needed to be able to update and add information to their site on the fly and with little notice. We put together a CMS solution that allowed them to do just that. They are able to post about product updates, event information and sales quickly and easily. The result is a more useful web presence and happy, well informed customers.

Event Coverage

This company thrives on events. They have a decent following for slot car races they put on every Friday night for a league. The site offers them the ability to plug into a video streaming software and be able to stream those events live for folks who were not able to attend. This is a big draw for them as people are able to watch in the fun no matter where they are.

Brand Identity and Website Design

This company had a website which was maintained in house for years. Web technology advances at a crazy pace however, and the owner who maintained the page soon found his site out of date. After that it was just a matter of time before it went unused all together. We stepped in with a goal to revitalize this company online and provide a useful Internet tool, which could help stimulate walk in traffic to the store and as a way to keep in touch with their consumers.

A major concern of this client was the ability to be able to edit and maintain pages in house with the need of external services for minor updates. While they planned to utilize our services for larger campaigns, onsite ads and email promotions, it was important to have a site which they could update in the store if need be.

We put together a shell website to the specifications of the storeowners and also a thoughtful sitemap design to accommodate the wide range of products and activities the store offered. We then custom tailored the design of each section to match the specific look and feel the owners wanted to convey. This is was done with the ability to allow them to edit and update it in house.

This site also came prepared with a newsletter signup, which enables the client to grow an ever-expanding audience of users who are better able to keep up with what goes on in the store. The site also ties into the social networks the store utilizes to provide further value.

“We had been putting off a website update for several years, because we created our site in house and were reluctant to let someone else take over. When Delirium approached us, we expressed our concerns and they listened.”

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We works out a visually stimulating design which was geared towards the tastes of the owners and the beat of the industry users. Each section of the site required some specific consideration due to the vast span of the audience in question. The end result was something that all their users are thrilled with.