Construction Industry

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Result we delivered

Brand Re-envisioned

This Company had a hard to use color scheme, which was intended for high recognition. We used our design skills to produce a site, which would utilize that striking color scheme to lead the user to the information they needed. In addition, we created content which clearly spoke to the needs of their customers, people dealing with disasters looking for support.

Peace of Mind

This groups original website had many issues. Broken links on the homepage, no way to contact the company, and security concerns. They came to use with many concerns about the functionality of the website. We put together a site that they could control with a CMS, which was solid, secure and reliable. The resulting online presence took them from being ashamed of their site to showcasing it as a functional business tool.

Brand Identity and Website Development

This client approached us with a site that was clearly out of date.  The homepage featured broken links prohibiting viewers from viewing the information they needed and several broken plugins.  The result was an unprofessional and broken site that turned away viewers and search engines alike.  This was costing the client customers and money. We stepped in and set up a placeholder in the form of a contact page with search engine coding to help draw people while we worked.  In short order, the site we produced was visually unique to the needs of this clients audience and a voice created uniquely to help speak to this clients audience in a specific way.

This site had a great amount of information which needed to be provided for the public, presumably while the viewer is under a great deal of stress given the industry of “Disaster Relief.” We executed a visually dynamic design which helps a user flow through the information, all the while having easy access to prompts of contact.

We took a hard-to-control color (orange) and harnessed it to help add flow and direction to the site.  We created a unique look and feel with one goal in mind, ease of use.  Our design helps to get information the viewer needs quickly and without many clicks.  We were approached with a massive amount of information that needed to be accessible, and we needed that info to be quickly accessed by potentially upset visitors.  Our design achieved this goal by utilizing dynamic sections within the main landing pages to house the vital info.  One thing we did was create unique and custom graphics to help delineate certain sections and call importance to items.  We then utilize these visuals in marketing to help and create consistency between marketing pieces and the site.

 A great website only stays great if people know about it.  This site was set up to help marketing naturally with clean SEO coding, and an optimal set up for search engines.  The site is able to support a growing long-term Database Marketing campaign (eBlasting), which we help to facilitate.   We also set the site up to allow for expanding information as the site grows its audience.  The client wished for a social network presence and we helped to facilitate them to go from little social presence to an entire set up featuring the social networks, which work specifically for this clients type of work.

We coded this site to be heavily identifiable by major search engines.  We worked with the client and did our own research to figure out how people are searching in their specific market and set the site up to respond accordingly.  In addition to this, we strive to create code, which loads fast and clean, and provides the best experience possible.  The end result was a clean, easy to navigate and fast loading site.

In the end this client received a powerful website which has continued to provide a solid base for internet marketing. Marketing endeavors to grow the sites audience have shown favorable results from every channel used.