Using Basecamp

Don’t worry, its pretty easy.

We use Basecamp project management software to coordinate with you in a way that allows several people on our end to keep up with the conversation. This minimized errors and helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

Below you will find a helpful overview of the elements of Basecamp we get asked the most about. It’s not a full tutorial, but rather focuses on the elements we will be utilizing while we collaborate. If you have more questions than whats listed below, please let us know.

Getting started with the Project Page

Click Here to login to Basecamp and please be sure to save the following website address as we will be using this for most communication while we work:

Once logged in, this page will serve as an overview for all the projects Delirium CG is currently working on with you. You can “star” or “favorite” projects to turn them into a larger box at the top of your dashboard. To do this, scroll over the name on the list and click the star toggle to the left of the project name.
We also recommend saving the bookmark of the project page once you have clicked through from the dashboard as this is where we will be working.

Working within a Project

We will be working mainly within our To-Do Lists which exist within the project, so learning to use them is the most important piece you can take away from this page.

  • Add a New To-Do , within an existing To-Do list you simply navigate to the list you need to add it to, and click the “Add a New To-do” button at the end of the list. When you do this, you will be able to assign the To-do to a specific person. Assigning in this way will ensure they get any comments the todo item, which we will discuss more below.
  • Add a comment to an existing To-Do, when you, or someone else has already created a To-Do and you would like to add a comment to this To-Do there are 2 ways to do this.

You can navigate to the To-Do on Basecamp, and click on it. Once inside the To-Do you will be able to read the existing discussion about the To-Do and add your own comment at the bottom via the “Add a comment or upload a file” box. To upload files you can click to navigate to the file on your computer, or you can simply drag and drop the file into the comment box.

Alternatively, You can reply directly via email, if you have received a notification from Basecamp and wish to reply right away. This is helpful if you don’t need to review previous comments in the conversation. You simply click “reply”, ensure your text is above the line that reads “Write ABOVE THIS LINE to post a reply or view this on Basecamp,” and start typing an email

  • To add or remove people from receiving a comment, after you finished writing, look at the bottom of the To-Do box you will see a list of who the comment will be mailed to, followed by a “Change” link.

Once you click “Change”, you will be presented with a check list of those eligible to receive notifications within this project. Adjusting this is key to ensure the right people see your message, and also so you don’t bog down the wrong people with something they won’t need.

Simply check the boxes next to those you wish to receive your comment, and uncheck anyone who should not be included.

NOTE: This is a very important item, as if you don’t use this when you set up a comment, it could go to no-one. So if your starting a new todo item, please make sure and tag the people you want to see it.

  • Creating a New Todo List – Sometimes you will want to create an entire to-do list, maybe you will be planning a new project, perhaps your new To-Do’s simply aren’t relevant to any of the existing lists. You will find an “Add a To-Do list” button at the top of the To-Do lists section of the project page. Once you have created the list you can add To-Dos to it as you practiced above.
  • Completing Todo Items – Please do not check off items as completed, leave that for Delirium to do. Many times an item needs to be looked over, approved, or confirmed by one of us. You can always leave a comment in the to-do asking us to mark it complete.
  • If a to-do is bothering you with email notifications please just remove the due date, and you will stop receiving notifications about that To-Do’s deadline.
  • Basecamp offers many ways to interact within a project without having to log in to Basecamp. When you are on a projects main page (where it lists the latest, discussions, to-do lists, files etc) simply scroll to the very bottom of this page and choose “Email content to this project” in the lower right.

This button will bring you many different options for interfacing with the project without logging in to Basecamp. The email addresses, links, and information provided here change per project, so please be aware of this if you are working on more than one project in Basecamp.

Lost your password?

If you have an issue logging in to your account and need to reset your basecamp password, navigate to the basecamp login page:

At the bottom of the login area you will find a “Forgot your Password” Link. Click that link and follow the provided instructions to reclaim or reset your password.