Onboarding Process


We are excited to begin working with you! To get underway we want to cover a few details that will help us work together more smoothly. Below you will find a few tools to help us get started.

  • Using Basecamp – We utilize Basecamp to manage our projects. It is a program that allows us to coordinate things with your team and ours. With this we can easily manage approvals, requests for information and all manner of communication. The page linked below will help provide you a fast overview of the aspects of the program we will be using together. As we rely on this heavily during our process, we would appreciate it if, after you receive our link from Basecamp, that you take a few minutes and review the below page.
  • Using Dropbox – To ensure we can easily move large files back and forth, we use a program called Dropbox. It’s important we have high resolution files from you in some cases, such as photography. Large files don’t always play well with email, so this program allows us to easily transfer large files back and forth with no hassle. The page below will give you a quick rundown of how it works.
  • Client Intake Form – This form will help us to get all the basic contact information for your team to ensure we are talking to the right people. It will also help us to understand your needs. You will find a copy of this form in Basecamp ready for you to fill out once we get underway.

Using Basecamp

Learn how to use our communication tool.

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Using Dropbox

Quick tips on using this File Sharing web software.

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to learn about using Dropbox

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