LifeChurch Testimonial

Waterloo Il

I am the COO of Nutshellz and I am also a Pastor.

After working with Delirium a number of months through our company, Nutshellz, I decided to approach Delirium for help with my church. I had a number of needs that were developing.

Of course, I already had the confidence in Delirium and they did a great job for me with the church as well.

The first and most important thing they did was to develop of a website for our new congregation. It was a much smaller project (than Nutshellz) but they still listened to my ideas and put them together in a way that reflected what I wanted to portray. They delivered the website for the church within budget and met our timeframe.

Delirium also helped our branding by creating different marketing materials like the business cards and flyers–even a street banner.

So whether you have a big project or something small, Delirium has answers. I am really happy with how they have helped me!

– Matt H, Lead Pastor

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