Hero911 Testimonial

Collinsville, IL

Delirium’s work is extremely professional. We launched a new organization and it was important the website and media materials represented confidence, leadership and professionalism. From our logo, to print pieces, trade show displays, and finally to our website design and online marketing, Delirium has helped to create our brand and help it grow. I regularly receive compliments from our colleagues such as “Who did that great website?” or “Your design team is a definite keeper. I’ve never seen such good work!” The work is very visually appealing and draws the eye to our priorities. Delirium has the unique ability to take a generic concept or idea and turn it in to an effective presentation.

I am also continually pleased with the marketing support Delirium provides, they never lack for creative marketing ideas. I can present Delirium with a need we have, and the ideas I get back on what they can do with that idea never disappoint! They are constantly coming up with new ways to help promote our message and brand.

Michael Snyders, President of the Hero911™ Network

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