Blue Table

Spanish Fork, Utah

Delirium and I have a really good relationship! They provide me with outstanding service and results! Just prior to our working relationship, I had lost my domain name, which cost my site a lot of traffic. Delirium stepped in and quickly solved this. They not only fixed the drop in traffic, but also turned it around to more traffic than we had prior!

And Delirium was very communicative through the whole thing. As a busy business owner, communication is important to me. I needed a team I could trust to make decisions about my marketing, while I focused on other things. I am confident that Delirium has my interests in mind when work is being put together, and the results speak for themselves. Whether it is a small project or a large issue like my domain name, Delirium keeps me covered.

Delirium consistently delivers outstanding marketing material, but the good looks are just the tip of the iceberg. They are able to help develop and execute projects for my eCommerce store and beyond; which help my business run smoothly and grow.

When we started working together, I was not certain as to the state of my store. Delirium assessed things and put a plan in action to deal with things in priority. As an example, our stores “Bounce Rate” was over 60% prior to working with the Delirium team. They made some high level changes to our site’s design and functionality which saw that number drop to 24% in a matter of weeks, where it has held steady for more than half a year!

One last important thing I want to mention is that the work I receive is done for an outstanding price! Delirium coordinates my marketing, creates the assets and lets my internal team know what needs to happen on our end. And that is priceless!

– Shawn, Owner Blue Table Painting

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