Palatine Executive Suites

Chicago, Il

We needed a way to feature our services online, show off our visually appealing office areas, and start to compete for search rankings in a saturated market. Delirium was able to work closely with us to get the look and feel we desired, and they did so under tight deadlines. They helped take our information and put together content for a website which helps to get us noticed online. We now have a great way to get noticed on the web and use our site as a base for a variety of marketing efforts, several of which Delirium now works with us on.

Knowing that there would be ongoing support and options to expand into were a real draw for us. I was also happy with the many suggestions and ideas which Delirium was able to provide, making me really feel like they listened to me and took our industry into account. One such idea was the ability to offer pages within our site for our tenants. This service allows us to offer the ability to tie in email contacts, example galleries and business descriptions for smaller clients who are not yet ready for a site of their own. The end result not only generates additional revenue, but also provides additional traffic to our site.

– Tom W, Vice President

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