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We were in a tough situation when we contacted Delirium.

The original website we had built with one company was moved over to another and it crashed. The e-commerce side of the website was not functioning; sales were lost and we were left with no web person and a broken site.

Delirium was recommended to us by a credible source in our network and they stepped up to the job of designing and coding a new website for us in a very timely fashion. We really benefited from the strength of what Delirium offers on the design side.

We have a unique brand, Nutshellz, in a niche industry. It was very important to us to have someone listen to the specific vision and message that we wanted to portray. Delirium listened, caught it and were able to actually transfer that into design work. This is NOT an easy thing to accomplish.

And their reinvention of the website wasn’t dry, it wasn’t boring, it isn’t that sort of common average that you see everywhere. No way — Instead it is something that has very much “WOW”!! It is unique; it is pop; it stands out! It is very crisp, fresh, high end and professional, yet not overdone. The feedback we consistently hear is that what Delirium has done for us is very professional!

Once Delirium had our new site launched and e-commerce was functional again, we continued to make improvements for our company with Delirium! And our experience with them has been good, real good.

We work directly with one representative of Delirium with regard to all these facets and then Delirium assigns each piece to their team member that handles it.

Beyond the web design, e-commerce solutions, functionality, and branding already mentioned; Delirium handles our marketing, including digital and social media posts, e-blasts, SEO improvements, all of it! We don’t have to have a full blown marketing department: they are our marketing department.

For example with SEO, Delirium understood what had to be done so that we could improve our ranking. Within 6 months we landed on page one in Google search and passed up our main competitor. This is super vital in a niche market where there are just a few competitors. You have to be able to out-perform those competitors.

And Delirium has remained consistently good at coming up with great ideas to keep us improving! We can just share with them what’s happening in our industry and they come up with actual actionable ideas. They have insights into how to use facebook and pay per view that really benefit us.

For example, when Nutshellz landed an episode on National TV: CNBC’s West Texas Investor’s Club; Delirium was full of ideas. They began by helping us promote the episode before it showed through e-blasts and timely scheduled social media posts. And then they helped us materialize on things that happened in our market place with quick reactions for our product to be the answers. So when a couple of baseball players reported their cups break in major league baseball, we were ready to be their answer! This is the kind of guidance that can really build your brand!

Knowing that we could get their design services along with all these other areas was one of the major reasons we chose them. We didn’t have to piece it together with other companies and contractors. We would have had to pay a designer, send it to a coder, get it to our content writer and get somebody to handle our social media. This would be difficult, costly and s l o w to meet our objectives.

Handling it all through Delirium is efficient and frugal! It actually allows us to do a lot more in marketing financially than we would be able to do otherwise.

Others may say they can provide all that, but Delirium actually does it!

– Jeremiah R, Owner / Inventor

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