Kniesel Art

Chicago, Illinois

I am a fine artist, specializing in equine portraiture, as well as landscape painting, pen and ink work, and more. I really had no idea how to begin the concept of the website. Lucky for me: Delirium did! Delirium was very easy to work with, full of ideas—which was great! They listened to my thoughts of what I would like in the website, and helped me to organize the variety of my work in a logical, concise manner.

They were able to understand that this design was personal, and required special attention to meet all my needs, while also making the website easy for me to keep up to date. Now I just download the images and the Delirium Design Team crops them and organizes them into the site! I particularly loved their creativity in coming up with the look and feel of the design! They actually took the color scheme from one of my oil paintings for the lettering. The resulting design makes my website feel like a frame for my art.

My site has been customized and tailored to my vision, nothing cookie-cutter about it! It is really the perfect website for me! Delirium has continued to support me by maintaining and updating the website when needed, which has helped me to keep it current.

– Hedy Kniesel

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