Campus Cooks

Chicago, Il

When we contacted Delirium about needing a fresh perspective on an intranet solution for our organization, it was 5 months into another solution which we were quickly realizing was not meeting our needs and was doing so at a snails pace. We felt like what was being done was generic and was not centered around how we do business, but rather ‘how the software works’. We needed an easy way to streamline a lot of vital incoming data to our operations, keep tabs with an internal audience of over 70 members, and have tools that reflected our way of doing things and took care of specific internal needs.

Aware of the previous situation, Delirium offered to mock up some concepts upfront to show they meant business. The solution Delirium came up with was exactly what I was looking for and more. Not only did the first draft proposal hit the nail on the head for what we had been hoping to see for the past 5 months, but it also offered some additional ideas, which provided additional value to the project we hadn’t even considered. When you are a cost conscious business person, it feels good to know money is going to something worthwhile, and more birds with the same stone is always a good thing.

– Joe Nelson, Coordinator

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