NB Coatings

Lansing IL

Delirium developed a website for us and we have received a lot of positive feedback both from within our company as well as from external customers, in particular the new site look and feel. It was a long process, but Delirium did a great job and kept things rolling!

The original representative from our company working with Delirium left during the project. We had to get new people involved and the direction shifted several times. Delirium stepped up and championed the project during that transition. They worked with us to insure that the process kept moving forward, rather than it getting derailed and set aside.

We are a niche industry and we really needed a facelift from our old site and wanted to add in the newer technologies such as web reporting, SEO, and an employment opportunities/human resources interface that would work with our ADP system. Delirium was able to provide the background we needed. Delirium is current on all the latest knowledge of the technologies, which really helped us.

We interviewed other website vendors (both remote and local) but they didn’t offer the solid marketing background that Delirium has to offer. We needed a team that could support our online presence after launch as well. Delirium has continued to be there for us to maintain and grow our online presence. We needed a team with their pulse on the marketing piece. Delirium has all that and more.

Mark D.
Director of Information Technology

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